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Basement Electrical & Wiring

So you purchased a home that had an unfinished basement and you wanted to transform it at some point in the future, possibly into a playroom, rental space, theater, or additional bedrooms. Years later, you are actually ready to start the project to increase your home’s value and your enjoyment.


For people who don’t understand or aren’t trained on electrical wiring, the electrical work involved with finishing a basement is by far the most dangerous and potentially deadly. Allow our Colorado electricians to come up and safely install and wire your electrical system in your new basement.

Electrical Basement Finishing

Electrical Basement Finishing Process

  • To begin, you need to identify where the power will come for your basement. What is the unfinished basement electrical code? Is it going to be through a separate electrical panel, a basement sub-panel, or by your main electrical panel? What is finish basement electrical wiring cost? The wiring a basement electrical plan for any electrical basement construction jobs is crucial. Unsure about finishing basement electrical panel? Contact us at 888-716-0490 and we will happily provide an onsite evaluation or consultation over the phone.
  • Once the power source is figured out and safely hooked up to your local power grid, you now have to run wiring all through your ceilings and walls for power distribution to outlets, lighting, smart home devices, appliances, and switches. Before the drywall is in place but after the walls are framed is also when you will be running another wiring for things like the internet, sounds, and video.
  • After the wiring is done, the next step is to install and mount electrical boxes. Finally, after the drywall is in place, fixtures, lights, outlets, switches, and other external features of the electrical system will be put in.
  • Once you’ve installed and verified that your electrical system is working correctly, you can use your new basement electrical power to complete the rest of your construction efforts.
  • We are here for you, whether you want us to take care of everything or just the major tasks. Reach out to us at 888-716-0490 or simply complete the online form.

    Basement Electrical Installation

    Local and state regulations may require you to have a permit or inspection before and during your basement project. In order to actually receive that resale value, you need to have that permit documentation.

    We understand Colorado and local requirements, so once we’ve discussed your project and done an onsite evaluation with you, we can walk you through what permits and actions you need to take, what the project schedule will be, and what your budget needs to be for us to complete your electrical work.

    For a complimentary consultation on your home’s potential basement reach us at 888-716-0490.

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