Ceiling Fan Installation, Repair, and Replacement

Ceilings fans are useful for diffusing stagnant air and odors as well as providing a cheap option for cooling your home in the hot months and circulating warmer air in the winter. 1888 Electrical Services electricians can help you install a new ceiling fan or repair your existing one. Especially in Colorado where the weather changes are so drastic, we can provide affordable ceiling fan installation and repair throughout the state. Contact us at (970) 702-7660 today to set up a convenient appointment for us to repair or install your ceiling fan.


Why Should I Have A Ceiling Fan Installed?

A ceiling fan can provide a surprisingly large positive effect on home comfort for being such a simple device. They provide cooling comfort in an energy efficient manner, reducing your overall electricity bill. They can also be pleasing to look at, adding to a room’s charm and decor.

Home zoning systems and AC units can become fairly expensive. A new ceiling fan and attached switch fixture can provide similar benefits at a much more reasonable cost. Ceiling fans are not going out of style anytime soon due to their affordability and cheap price.

New Ceiling Fan Installation

New Ceiling Fan Installation

It is important to install your new ceiling fan correctly with the proper wiring to avoid potential fire risk and mechanical malfunctioning. What seems like a straightforward installation process can actually become quite complex with inaccessibility to an electrical supply, vaulted ceilings, or lack of blocks.

Our professional electricians provide complete services for the following:

  • Installing ceiling fans
  • Lighting
  • Ceiling fan switch installation
  • Electrical wiring for ceiling fans

Our 1888 Electrical Services electricians are insured, bonded, certified, and experienced professionals who have been providing high quality electrical installations throughout Colorado for years. Their unparalleled level of skill and knowledge guarantees the service that will meet or exceed your expectations.

Fan Replacement

Knowing When to

Replace Your Ceiling Fan

Replacing your entire ceiling fan can actually be a better solution, and more cost-effective, than trying to troubleshoot and fix an existing fan’s issues. Understanding the various types of issues with ceiling fans can provide some guidelines for when you need to choose replacement or repair.

You Should Consider Replacing Your Ceiling Fan When:

This could be from a dirty unit or one that requires lubrication. It may have been installed incorrectly or wiggled loose, causing noise. If none of these obvious issues exist, it is most likely an issue with the electrical setup.

You may have a problem within the primary fan motor if you’ve successfully ruled out any problems with the connections, wiring, and switches. Repairing and installing a new motor is more often more complicated and costly than simply replacing the entire fan.

Another problem likely with the fan’s motor, complete replacement of the unit is going to be faster and cheaper than attempting repair.

Like any other outlet issue, this is going to require a check for damage or wear with the wiring connections. Sometimes a poor installation can connect a fan to a dimmer switch, which will eventually damage the fan itself.

If additional lubrication and cleaning of the fan does not resolve this, you are probably dealing with a bad fan motor.

Ceiling Fan Repair

Affordable Ceiling Fan Repair

Whether it’s a wobbly fan, weird light issues, or your ceiling fan just stopped working altogether, reach out to us for immediate electrical repair services. 1888 Electrical Services has been providing excellent electrical repair services at affordable pricing for all of Colorado over many years. Our certified electricians have the knowledge and experience to evaluate and solve any possible electrical problem you might have in your home or building. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means working with us will get your fan cooling, heating, and air circulation problems fixed right away, so please call today!

Ceiling installation

Making Your Home Comfort a Breeze

Some home renovations are often put to the side due to other priorities. Homeowners will put these smaller side projects on hold while dealing with more urgent problems and those jobs become neglected.

A great example is a faulty ceiling fan that you see almost daily but never take the time to get it fixed. You have plenty of other more important tasks and simply never prioritize that broken fan. By calling us at 1888 Electrical Services, you can rely on us to take care of that light fixture or ceiling fan installation or replacement while you go about your day. Our certified electricians are a simple phone call away from quickly and efficiently removing that nagging problem from your life.

1888 Electrical Services Difference

Wiring a ceiling fan correctly can be much more complicated than you think. The licensed professionals from 1888 Electrical Services can perform the wiring and installation for you completely right the first time. We can successfully do the job with almost noticeable disruption to your daily life. Regardless of fan type, brand, or style, our technicians can install it with their vast knowledge and experience.

Don’t be fooled, there’s a large amount of power connected to your simple ceiling fans and light fixtures. Call us or fill out our online form to schedule a conversation with 1888 Electrical Services today to get the lighting and air circulation working in your house.

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