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Commercial electrical services

We are more than happy to fix your electrical issue regardless of whether or not we initially installed the equipment for your business. Any job size, new technology or outdated wiring, none of it phases our experienced technicians. 1888 Electrical Services is well-versed in the common challenges our commercial clients face around electrical installations. Our team allows you to be at ease knowing we will handle your commercial project safely and effectively.

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We pride ourselves on being the one-stop-shop for any of your local electrical services. We are capable of complete rewiring or simple updating of your system. Our commercial electricians will always give you an accurate, fair, and honest opinion about the optimal solution and price.

Commercial Electrician Colorado

Do you need commercial lighting?

Get in touch with us for the most reliable, affordable, high-quality lighting solutions. We can help drop your overhead expenses by making you more energy-efficient and lightening your electricity payment. If you need a unique landscape lighting design, appliances, replaced lights, or any other project, reach out to us for quick, quality, and safe services.

Commercial Electrical Installation

Commercial Electrical Installation

Are you moving or opening at a location? Maybe you are expanding your current office to another building or the floor? Our trained electricians will guarantee that everything is optimized and smoothly running at all times.

Commercial Lighting Retrofits

Commercial Lighting Retrofits

A lighting retrofit can be a great way to save energy

Don’t forget, being more energy effective means more money savings for you when paying your utility bill. Decades of experience has given us a broad depth of knowledge about all commercial lighting installation and upgrade options. We are your optimal solution if you need to retrofit your current light fixtures or add recessed lighting. We will help with any upgrade for you, whether you are going from fluorescent to LED’s or incandescent to fluorescent. Our commercial electric Greeley collaborates with you when there is a need for additional small residential and commercial electrical repair required. Also, our residential and commercial electrical company is your best solution for installing lighting controls and other residential and commercial electrician services. Regardless of your needs, reach out to commercial electric recessed lighting installation electricians.

Commercial Electrical Repair

Electrical Repairs

Your electric system should be considered the most crucial part. It supplies the power driving every critical device that runs your daily operations for medical, retail, and educational facilities. Having a functioning, properly wired property is important to protect the investment you’ve made in your operations. Faulty wires will drastically interrupt your business.

Emergency Electrical Services

24/7 Emergency Electrical

No commercial property is 100% insured against sudden power outages, even with all the precautions. We can say that our team is always ready to come to your rescue. We work 24/7 and are always ready to repair, diagnose, and replace any electrical equipment in no time!

We can install, diagnose, repair, and replace wiring in no time. But of course, the quality is crucial for us, so you can always be sure that your new system will serve you for many more years without any problems or overloads. If you are looking for a reliable way to update or diagnose, then you can always turn to us. We are your all-purpose local commercial electricians service for any needs at your commercial property or company location. By offering outstanding commercial electric services we pride ourselves being rated to best electrical commercial services Fort Collins, CO.
If you are worried about the condition of your electrical network, then an electrical inspection is an excellent choice for you. Our professional electricians will carry out a complete diagnosis. We have plenty of experience working with businesses, and we are always happy to help!
Our electricians have many years of experience behind them in the operation and installation of electrical appliances. It is extremely important for us to do everything perfectly, so that you are satisfied with everything! At the same time, we are knowledgable with standard commercial electrical service sizes.
Ceiling fan is an exceptional addition, and at the same time, it provides air circulation. But also in order not to damage, or not to get any injuries during installation, it is always better to contact us. So get in touch for Colorado commercial electrical contractors service!
To ensure the best lighting, seek the help of a professional electrician company! We are dedicated to the complete installation of all lighting on your premises without any assistance from you. We always strive to do everything quick so that you will never have problems with lighting in the future.
It is easy to show a presentable and stylish look with exterior lighting. Our Greeley electrical company has been offering various types of outdoor lighting for many years. We install lanterns, lights, bollards, building mounts, and many more. We are always making your space look as pleasant and presentable as possible, and at the same time that lighting meets the highest standards.
If a lot of your employees use electric cars, then perhaps you should consider a commercial electric vehicle charging station installationColorado. Thus, any of your employees can use it right at work, which will increase efficiency and convenience for everyone. For years we have been working on EV charging stations both for commercial enterprises and for private use. Our best commercial electrician company in Fort Collins uses only professional electrician tools and can help you with the installation and equipment at any time!
If you want to protect your workers, then one way or another, you will need a smoke detector. Only 24 hour professional electricians tools can pinpoint the correct location for such systems to cover all areas. Therefore, the best commercial electrical companies like ours can install systems that is best for you without any difficulty. We will do everything quickly so that the system always functions and would never let you down!

Commercial Panel Upgrades

It takes quite a lot just to keep the appliances running, and that is not even counting all of the computers and devices in modern offices! Your electrical panel needs to be capable of handling that power. That’s where “Greeley emergency commercial electrician near me” can help. We have decades of experience giving local businesses support such as repairs and upgrades. Reach us at 888-716-0490 or contact us online and find out just how much we can do for you!

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