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Professional Electrical Inspection Services

Your system is working invisibly to provide you with all of our modern comforts. Although… reports from the NFPA show that electrical system issues are the main cause of home structure fires and major property loss in the United States. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has also shown that smaller household appliances connected to bad wiring setups are the primary cause of individuals being accidentally electrocuted. All of these major safety risks are preventable and can be fixed through a trusted home electrical inspection.

Electrical Home Inspection

What Is an Electrical Home Inspection Process?

Our residential electrical inspection service entails a complete evaluation of your property’s system, verifying that the components, devices, and wiring are up to federal and local safety regulations. NEC is the standard for any electrician that evaluates your property, and it sets the rules on minimum standards throughout the country. Once your home electrical system has been fully inspected, we will give you a complete checklist. It will outline the aspects that require immediate fixes, improvement recommendations, and opportunities to upgrade.

Electrical Inspector

Who is an Electrical Inspector?

A qualified electrical inspector has a formal authorization from the local and federal government and the responsibility to check all electrical connections to verify they meet the regulations and local requirements of your residence.

Electrical Safety Inspection

When Do You Need an Electrical Safety Inspection?

Quite often homeowners are guilty of ignoring prevention methods that are outlined in various regulations for different types of electrical installations. There may be scenarios where you are left confused as to how the official inspector failed your electrical inspection. There are quite a few different ways you can fail it that homeowners ignore or simply aren’t aware of. To gain a better understanding of these “loopholes” abused by contractors, you must read up on electrical inspections.

There’s a few specific moments when it is crucial for a homeowner to request an electrical safety home inspection. The ESF, or Electrical Safety Foundation, suggests that property owners schedule it at the following points:

  • Major renovations completed
  • Purchasing/Owning a home 40+ years old
  • Any purchase of a home
  • When installing a new major appliance
residential electrical inspection

Why is Residential Electrical Inspection Colorado Important?

There are several important reasons why having an electrical inspector come out is necessary. Here are some of the more typical ones:

Electrical shocks – Envision casually touching an electrified appliance and getting an current coursing through you. While this might not be life-threatening, it can lead to other disastrous effects. Beyond possible personal pain, the appliance can be completely broken. Our Greeley electricians could identify and fix these wiring issues before those situations occur.

Surge protection – Depending on the region, this can be a frequent occurrence, especially with storms. An electrical surge can result in shorted circuits or damaged appliances. An electrical inspector will be able to identify and check wiring throughout your house that may lead to this problem.

Electrical fires – Quite often an electrical short circuit is responsible for house fires. Loose wires or cables can be reviewed and pointed out by a formal electrical inspection and the electrical inspector will provide you with options to fix them.

Colorado Electrical Inspection

Benefits of an Electrical Safety Inspection in Colorado

The safety of your loved ones and your property can depend on your decision to request an licensed electrician. You can rest easy once you’ve had an official evaluation of your home by:

  • Energy savings and cost reduction
  • Identifying incorrect breaker and fuses to eliminate fire hazards
  • Identifying old wiring like knob-tube or aluminum
  • Verifying your new home is built safely before purchase
  • Identifying and removing safety and fire hazards
  • Identifying and removing degrading electrical components and wiring sections
  • Achieving compliance with insurance company risk assessment requirements
Electrical Home Safety Inspection

What Does an Electrical Home Safety Inspection Include?

Our electricians know exactly what to check in regard to electrical dangers around your home. A full electrical home inspection through us covers the following:

  • Electrocution and shock hazards
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detector testing
  • Grounding systems check
  • Appropriate light bulb wattage verification
  • Review of any outdoor systems
  • Confirmation of correct smoke detector placement
  • Evaluation of panel for correct amps, labels, and operational integrity
  • Confirmation of adequate surge protection
  • Wall outlet and switch functional and condition check
  • Checking AFCI’s (arc fault circuit interrupters) for correct functionality
  • Evaluation of all security and safety lighting
  • Finally, a complete report of the inspection on your home with detailed descriptions of areas of concern and potential improvements

Schedule Your Home Electrical Safety Inspection

Do not hesitate to reach out to our electrician today and receive peace of mind about the safety of loved ones and your home through an electrical home inspection. To find out how much does an electrical inspection cost, you can schedule an appointment online or easily call our number 888-716-0490.

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