Electrical Panel Wiring, Upgrade, Repair & Replacement

The majority of us have had to flip a tripped breaker or replace a blown fuse after losing power to parts of our office or house. Even though we temporarily fixed it, we don’t think too hard about what that might mean for our electrical service panels. In reality, your service panel is a critical component in your home’s electrical system. When you need to replace or repair yours, the best choice you can make is working with a certified electrician with years of experience and knowledge doing just that. The team at 1888 Electrical Services has the experience, knowledge, and equipment to complete any residential or commercial project you might have.


What Is a Service Panel?

Your service panel acts as the connecting point between the wiring that comes from outside your home to your house’s internal electrical system. The service panel takes that electricity from the service drop (or service wire) and distributes it to the various parts of your house. You might call your service panel the fuse box panel, circuit breaker, or just fuse box. The service panel contains more than just the external circuit breaker you’ve seen before, there is actually a complex system of wiring and hardware inside that can need complete replacement or repairs. This is even more true if you have an old house with an outdated service panel.

Electrical Panel Repair

Electrical Panel Installation

The electrical service panel is a critical part of your home. Through it, electricity travels to and from every part of your house and your devices constantly. Every Colorado homeowner wants to ensure that their electrical service panel is always in good working condition. Reach out to our experienced electricians at 1888 Electrical Services if you are considering upgrading your electrical panel for more capacity or better quality. We will happily discuss an installation plan with you after performing a thorough onsite inspection, evaluating your home’s current requirements, and identifying the equipment that best fits your budget. Afterwards we can schedule a time to come and perform the installation quickly and effectively without causing major disruption to your daily life.
Our certified, insured, and bonded experienced electricians from 1888 Electrical Services are well-trained on the latest local, state, and federal electrical codes and are prepared every hour of every day to perform emergency electrical repair services. We will happily work with you to get all of your electrical devices and equipment up to date and in good working condition for your safety and peace of mind.

When is it time to have a new electrical panel installed?

Wire can degrade and experience wear and tear over time like anything else in your home. Bad wiring is a real danger though, and is a leading cause of home fires throughout the country. When deciding to replace your house’s wiring, you should strongly consider upgrading your electrical service panel at the same time. Outdated wiring can be identified from problems like scorch marks, melted components, burning smells, sparks, or flickering lights.

A new large appliance requires its own outlet, which may lead to additional power requirements which causes you to upgrade your electrical service panel. A typical electrical panel is giving 400, 200, 150, or 100 amps. If your panel’s amperage is insufficient for your appliances and devices, you are going to cause a lot of circuit breaker tripping until you upgrade.

Circuit breakers and fuses both try to do the same thing, prevent electrical overload and short circuits by stopping current travel through it. A fuse melts if the current running through it is too high, while a circuit breaker simply mechanically “trips” and is easily reset. Your modern electrical panel uses circuit breakers as a more reliable and convenient solution, so consider upgrading your electrical panel if it is still using fuses.

Upgrade Electrical Panel

Should I Upgrade Electrical Panel?

You are probably in need of an electrical panel upgrade if you see any of these issues:

  • Frequently overheating devices/appliances
  • Frequent power surges
  • Recurring flickering lights
  • Melting wires
  • Frequently tripping circuit breakers
  • Smells or weird sounds from your electrical panel
  • Being able to identify problems and calling a certified professional electrician before they get worse is going to save you time and money while guaranteeing the safety of loved ones and property.

    Electrical Sub Panel Installation Service

    Electrical Sub Panel Installation Service

    An electrical subpanel can add efficiency, convenience, and save space in an electrical system. The subpanel typically helps move wiring of multiple branch circuits to a certain location in a house or building further away from the main electrical panel. A room addition, detached garage, or external building all may benefit from having a subpanel installed. Having a dedicated circuit for your electrical vehicle EV charger could require a subpanel. You start with a set of feeder wires travelling to the subpanel from the main electrical panel, which then spreads out to the various branch circuits, outlets, and appliances, essentially the same as the main panel does.

    Reach out to a professional electrician to help you decide if you actually need a subpanel installed. Our experienced staff can explain when it makes sense to install a subpanel in your house, what type best suits your needs, and where is the optimal location for it to go.

    When You Need Reliable Service, Call 1888 Electrical Services

    1888 Electrical Services is more than capable of completing any type and size of service panel job. We are transparent and honest when it comes to providing local Colorado homeowners with quality reliable electrical repair services. Our company has been treating every customer throughout Colorado with courtesy and professionalism for years. If you need your electrical service panel repaired or completely replaced, reach out to us.

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