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EV Charger Installation

Our Colorado electricians can install and service your EV car charging stations. Whether you need an electrical vehicle charging station at your business or home, we provide efficient and quality installation of many different chargers from major manufacturers.


Our mission is to help meet the electric vehicle infrastructure needs as it continues to grow. Our service helps make our clients’ efforts to reduce their environmental impact that much more convenient. Electrically-powered vehicles have been growing in popularity almost exponentially throughout the country in recent years. The demand for EV charging stations is growing alongside of it.

Residential EV Charging Stations

Residential EV Chargers

Level 2 charging stations provide a speedy way to charge your car. Through this station, you can get a full charge during meals, doing chores, or while you sleep. Our home residential EV car charging stations are efficient and easy solutions. We always put your desires first, so we will consult with you to choose the ideal model and brand of EV charger for your specific car and home, and then take care of the rest completely.

Commercial EV Charging Stations

Commercial EV Charging

Commercial EV charging stations can bring more quality employees and influential customers to your place of business. It improves your brand image, emphasizes your culture and sustainability mission, and increases satisfaction and productivity for your team. Regardless of property type you manage or own, we will identify the optimal EV charging station for you. Our customer satisfaction guarantee stands with every installation we make.

EV Charging Station Designs

Unique EV Charging Station Designs

We provide several options of uniquely designed electrical vehicle charging stations. With so many to choose from, you can be sure that you are getting the best charging station possible. Our certified staff can install and service EV charging stations at any type of property you may have. We work at car rental and dealerships, garages, hotels, workplaces, residential properties, and everywhere else.

Tesla Charging Station Installation Service

Tesla Charging Station Installation Service

Tesla’s recommendation for any Tesla vehicle owner is to charge it overnight, similar to your cellphone. You can simply park in your garage, plug in your vehicle, and get up the next morning to a fully-charged car. Besides convenience, you are also saving money on gasoline.

Consult with us for any home charging installation, we will provide expert services setting up your dedicated charger wherever you park your Tesla. Tesla’s charge ports are located near the rear taillight on the driver side, so we keep that in mind for placement. Like any electrical system home improvement project, this could involve an inspection or permit from your city or county. We are local and can quickly determine what paperwork is needed before beginning the project.

The following charging accessories come standard with every Model X and S:

  • (SAE J1772) Public charging station adaptor
  • (NEMA 5-15) Standard household outlet 120 Volt adaptor
  • Mobile Connector (20ft.)
  • (NEMA 14-50) Higher power outlet 240 Volt adaptor
Tesla Charger Service

You can use the adaptors and mobile connector to plug your vehicle into different electrical outlet types and send a max current of 40 amps to your car. You will get a full review of this equipment from your delivery orientation specialist during vehicle pickup. In order to use your standard equipment for charging, you have to install a 240 Volt NEMA 14-50 outlet at your house which we can easily do for you.

Tesla vehicle owners choose from 2 main options for charging at home:

  • Installing the Tesla Wall Connector for quicker and more convenient charging. You can order this Wall Connector from their online store or any local service center.
  • Installing the NEMA 14-50 240 Volt outlet and then using the mobile connector to plug in.