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GFCI Outlet Wiring, Electrical Switch Services

Replacement and repair of outlets is a popular service in our field. There are several issues that may cause a homeowner to call licenced electrician regarding their outlets. Whether they aren’t functioning at all or just can’t seem to hold a plug in place, you may need to swap out your old outlets for some new ones.


Our team has been providing quality service to Colorado businesses and homeowners for all switch and outlet problems for decades. We want you to be comfortable when we enter your home or business, so all our electricians must go through rigorous background checks and regular drug screenings to be on our staff. If you are in Colorado and require professional electrical replacement and repair services reach out to us today at 888-716-0490.

Outlet Installation Services

Outlet & Switch Safety

People sometimes believe that replacing an electrical outlet is a straightforward DIY job. If you are not experienced and knowledgeable with electrical wiring, this idea could be hazardous. Unless you are trained on electrical repairs, leave it to a certified electrician. We will make your electrical repair and replacement safely and quickly.

It is a good idea to consult us on switch or outlet repair and replacement here in Colorado when:

  • Using a certain outlet keeps tripping breakers
  • The outlet faceplate feels warm or hot
  • A failed GFCI test
  • Sparks occur when plugging something in
  • Switch or outlet is not working
  • A rotten egg smell is coming from an outlet
  • Plugs won’t stay in
  • If you have witnessed any of the above issues when using your outlet or switch, call today to set up a convenient service appointment.

Outlet Repair Services

Outlet Repair & Installation

Are you fed up with those small electrical shocks from using that one outlet or switch? More than likely you require replacement and repair services for your outlet or switch.

In today’s world, everything we do involves being plugged in. Whether it is your cellphone, tablet, computer, or other major appliances, outlets play an increasingly important role in your home. Keeping your outlets and switches maintained and functional helps to save you money. Our electrical company is your local, certified team of electricians ready to provide effective and affordable outlet/switch repair and installation services today. Along with functional switches and outlets, your main breaker panel has to be in amazing working condition as well. Reach us at 888-716-0490 to talk about evaluating and repairing your breaker panel.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI for short) are specific types of outlets that protect against hazards. GFCI outlets are an important part of today’s building code standards to reduce risks and are relatively inexpensive to purchase and install. We can quickly install and replace your GFCI outlets so your family can be safer.

GFCI Outlet Installation

What Is a GFCI Outlet?

You are required to have GFCI outlets in the areas of your house which have the highest risk of electrical shock like bathrooms, kitchens, and garages. You will see the “reset” and “test” buttons on the face of a GFCI outlet as an identifier. By “checking” how much current is flowing through that circuit, these outlets can keep you safe from electrical danger. The GFCI immediately shuts off power to the outlet when it receives a large imbalance of current in the circuit.

GFCI Outlet Repair

How to Operate a GFCI Outlet

When the GFCI outlet cuts electricity off in a normal situation, simply hit the “reset” button to return power. GFCI outlets are very sensitive when compared to the circuit breakers on your main panel, and so are dependable to detect much smaller changes in your electricity. They are specifically designed to stop electricity from flowing quickly enough to prevent an electric shock from affecting your heartbeat. This crucial safety feature means you should be testing every GFCI outlet in your home on a monthly basis.

Residential switch repair

How to Test GFCI Outlet Performance

  • ​First, press in the “test” button to shut power off to the outlet
  • Plug a small appliance or device that requires very little electricity to verify that the outlet is completely without power
  • Finally, press in the “reset” button to return power to the unit

​In the event that your GFCI outlet fails during this process, reach out to us today to schedule the replacement and repair of your GFCI outlets.

Contact 24/7 electrician on call

Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional professional electrical services for any problem you might have. We are more than capable of helping you replace and install new GFCI or AFCI outlets to upgrade any faulty or non-functioning ones around your home. Residents living in older homes have a higher risk of electrical shock due to a lack of GFCI outlets being installed. Your safety is too important to wait on installing these affordable life-saving outlets. Call our staff at 888-716-0490 or by filling out an online service request to begin protecting you and your loved ones with new GFCI outlets. Our certified professionals use the most current and respected components like Leviton outlets to guarantee you and your home remains safe from fires.

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