Indoor Lighting Installation

Are you in the state of Colorado and need indoor or outdoor lighting solutions for your commercial, residential, or multi-family property? Maybe you are updating for electricity savings, design appeal, or just need more light? Or you might need new indoor lighting for plants to grow your family and add additional rooms. We offer Art, Media Room, Pendant Lighting services in Northern Colorado and the Front Range.


You will find the optimal solution by working with us. Our team of certified electricians have skills to complete any outdoor or indoor lighting repair project you have. We also work with nearby utility companies to provide you with incentives for upgrading to LED lighting setups. LED updates are just one of many ways we focus on environmentally friendly and energy efficient solutions.

Recessed Lighting Installation

Want an affordable way to modernize your house? Get a fresh new look for your home with a kitchen recessed lighting installation service or a bathroom lighting installation service. It offers a combination of function and design. Thoughtful decisions can bring the right flair to your home, improve poorly lit areas, and highlight your home’s best features. Our Colorado electricians offer local residential and commercial electric recessed lighting installation Fort Сollins, CO. Reach out today for recessed lighting installation cost and a quick consultation!

Recessed Lighting

What Is Recessed Lighting?

Placed back into the ceiling as opposed to sitting on top, it is made up of the housing and the trim. The housing keeps the bulb in place and is installed within your ceiling. The trim is actually the surrounding finished edge that you can see when you look at the lighting fixture. So are you wondering what is the average cost of recessed light installation? Existing ceiling and current electrical status may effect the costs so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Recessed Lights

Uses for Accent Lighting

There are several spots in your home that can be improved by a smartly-placed light. Here’s a list of typically great areas to consider putting them in:

  • Down lighting in order to brighten up a room without detracting from a decorative fixture
  • In bathrooms and kitchen to bring more needed light
  • Inside of multi-purpose rooms along with dimmer switches to provide greater variety
  • Accent lights for complementary light in modern interior designs
  • Spot lighting to show off artwork and decorative features
  • Wall-washing, or making spaces appear larger (a clever interior design technique)
Art lightning

Art lightning

We provide homes indoor lighting repairs and electrical installations for your unique art and painting lighting needs. We have been helping bring out the best in your custom art pieces for years. Our services expand to indoor, landscape lighting, residential electrical, and architectural light.

Something that is always surprising for our clients is the practically unlimited designs of light fixtures they can choose from to light up their artwork. For most art lighting situations, there are only a couple of options to provide light. These lights can be mounted onto the art, or on the surface of the wall, ceiling, or other structure. The first ones are considered over the picture lights because they sit on the top of the artwork frame and illuminate down onto the art. These over the picture lights are typically the most affordable options when choosing an option.

To avoid drawing the viewer’s focus away from the artwork, a more sophisticated solution is required with a design that makes the equipment unobtrusive and hidden. Knowledge of architecture and home construction is necessary info to have when choosing the best equipment. This is how we are able to choose solutions that are appropriate for your specific interior decor.

We are proud to provide top of the line design services for the state of Colorado. Whether it’s interior, landscape, or antique cabinet lighting installation and service, we can get the job done better and quicker than the competition. Homeowners can avoid stress by sticking with a single option for all of their home’s needs. Ultimately this will result in better services, lower prices, and easier jobs.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights is named for its similarity to a hanging pendant on a necklace. These are light fixtures mounted from the ceiling with a canopy hanging from chains or rods. Pendant lighting fixtures can be beneficial because they drop the light down from a high ceiling to a closer spot near your table or furniture where you prefer it.

This fixture can hang in the center of a room for general needs, or be used for the task over a dining table or kitchen counter. There’s a wide variety of pendants given the vague definition. Typically you will find the one that has a light bulb inside an open shade or globe, mounted base up, and often with a reflector. Things like track lights, chandeliers, lanterns, and many others can be called pendants as well.

We use these lights in a variety of ways. We can utilize them for dining rooms, stairwells, bedrooms, family rooms, office, porches, and more. It can light up a sculpture or painting, brightening our family photos, illuminating a hallway, or adding a sparkling effect to your fountain. Pendant lights can provide lighting for most of the scenarios we need throughout our homes.

Pendant Lighting Installation

Pendant Lighting Installation

Simply put, it is versatile. You can match pendant light to your unique style by working in all sizes, colors, and shapes. They will be a solution for your standard household lighting functions; task, general, and accent lighting. While you can set up pendant lights anywhere, here’s several spots that are particularly great to use them in your home:

  • Dining Room
  • Bathroom Vanity
  • Entryways
  • Kitchen counters/islands
  • Bedside furniture
  • Why Hire an Electrician?

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