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Industrial electrical services

1888 Electrical Services specializes in industrial applications. From system grounding and lightning protection to full facility electrical installs. We can provide electrical solutions for any application. Our highly trained electricians are focused on superior quality and safety.

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We understand the risks associated with electrical, particularly when it comes to industrial electrical applications. That is why all of our staff is trained and certified to meet and exceed industry standards. Our people are our number one asset! That is why we take safety seriously and will always use our stop work authority to make sure that not only our staff is safe, but all personnel on the project.

Systems grounding

There are many advantages for grounding and bounding in the industrial field. The main reason why companies and firms turn to grounding lies in reliability and additional safety to workers and equipment. First and foremost, the electric power industry is concerned about reducing the number of short circuits, flashes, and also reducing the likelihood of electric shock to ordinary workers. And, of course, one of the main purposes of grounding is to limit damage to components of the electrical system due to transient overvoltages and to minimize the interruption of production processes that the electrical system supports. And we have been engaged in grounding and bounding for many years, so do not hesitate to contact us whenever you are in need!

Lightning Protection

We provide the ability to protect your facility from a lightning strike. A lightning strike is one of the most damaging and destructive incidents that may happen to any kind of factory. It may damage not only factory equipment, but also high-tech electronic equipment devices, which can turn into incredible costs for the company. Besides, with lightning protection, you also expose your employees to less risk, which might be an essential condition for insurance companies to cover the costs of an incident. That’s why most companies prefer protecting themself with a relatively low-cost lightning protection system. With the lightning protection system, you protect not only your finances but also your whole production, workers, and electrical equipment. So, be sure to call us when you need a lightning protection system.

Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Stations

The compressor station is one of the most important components of the natural gas transmission system. These stations compress natural gas as it travels through pipes – and with these stations, we are allowed to transport natural gas safely and without any difficulties at any distance. Compressed natural gas is an extremely engaging alternative energy source if we compare it to conventional fuels today. In many ways, this option is more and more attractive due to its lower price compared to ordinary fuel. Our industrial electricians has been installing underground electrical and control conduits for natural gas compressor stations for over 20 years. We evaluate the equipment power and control wiring requirements and develop specific site conduit and wiring plans to serve the needs of any project.Compressor stations are facilities located along a natural gas pipeline that compress the gas to a predetermined pressure, thereby allowing it to continue flowing through the pipeline to its intended recipient. It also allows gas to flow through pipes more efficiently and reach the customer in a shorter period while increasing the safety of the entire transportation operation. With our help, you can install any quantity of compressor stations you need and fully operate them within days.

Tank battery is one of the most important above-ground elements for any gas/oil company. The primary purpose of tank batteries is to process resources brought to the surface by an exploration and production producer. Our tank battery service includes installation and maintenance of electrical equipment and wiring, lightning protection, storage battery charging equipment, generators, and alarm systems. As well as to clean and store the pumped oil until you are ready to sell it. They also include storage and processing tanks, flow lines, and any other equipment required to operate oil and gas wells. Tank batteries can be connected to one well, or process several of them at a time, supplying each of them. We install these batteries to provide power to all your installations and factories.

Water Infrastructure

Water infrastructure is incredibly important for any community, business, or industrial facility. Obviously, the main goal here is to create an optimized water supply system for a certain circle of people and maintain it in optimal form. We have been providing superior installation, upgrade, and maintenance services to the Water and Wastewater industry for over 20 years. Our team continually upgrades their skills to keep up with the modernization of equipment and processes, which provides clean water and disposes of both waste and storm water in an environmentally conscious manner.With a lot of experience, we can confidently say that water infrastructure is one of the defining and at the same time very often underestimated area, which, later, if not properly organized, can make you spend a lot. So it will always be more reasonable to hire professionals to create the most durable and reliable water infrastructure. And we provide you with them, so you will always be ready to create your own water infrastructure for your company or facility.

Programmable Logic Control Services

Programmable logic controllers are control systems through which you can continuously monitor the performance of certain processes in your enterprise. Besides, you can directly control other systems, or set the algorithm for controlling internal devices directly through this system. PLC also allows for more accurate tracking of all processes, as well as improving production through the internal management of machines and processes in production. You can equip your plant with Programmable Logic Control Services already today. So if you are looking for the best opportunity to optimize production and achieve increased accuracy on your production lines, this is the perfect option for you!

Motor and Controls

We repair and provide any service for your motors, electric panels, and any electrical appliances that require diagnosis or repair. Whatever electrical device in your facility fails, you can fully rely on our specialists and the operation of all devices will be adjusted in the shortest possible period. We also carry out detailed diagnostics of electric motors and panels to prevent any malfunctions and breakdowns in the system. Therefore, whatever problem you have, you should know that we will always be able to help you.

Drilling Service

Our company has many years of experience working with drilling rigs and we are always ready to provide our services! We provide advice on drilling rigs and electronics, as well as direct soil drilling services. If you have any questions or nuances that you are not able to resolve, do not hesitate to contact our specialists. Here we can not only help you in the drilling process, but we can also provide equipment and professional advice.

Power Distribution

A reliable source of electricity is essential for foundries, factories, quarries, and construction sites. We specialize in installing power distribution solutions that meet any need in heavy industry and remote workplaces. We also provide energy use analysis, detailed analytics on the health of all batteries and electrical systems, and workflows and automation systems to help customers achieve energy savings and efficiency gains. We have experience with installation and management of systems that operate at low, medium, and high voltage. If you need to install a substation in your enterprise or any power source, then do not hesitate and contact us.

Salt Water Disposal Facilities

Saltwater disposal is the removal of salt water that you obtain during the production of gas and oil. Oil companies must be especially careful to ensure that salt water does not pollute the local groundwater. Therefore, most often oil companies turn to third-party contractors for design and engineering services for salt water containers. We work hand in hand with producers to design and build Salt Water Disposals that will minimize down time and enhance safety and reliability. Our electrician services include installation, wiring, conduit, cable trays, tank level monitoring, grounding and Positive Grounding Indicators, electrical inspection, LEL systems, and heat tracing.We offer the design and installation of salt water containers that work in this field for over ten years. Therefore, if you need expert advice on the installation, or creating a unique design of a salt water disposal facility of any volume, you can always turn us for help.

Industrial Process

We provide the most optimal and efficient options in the industrial field. We provide designing, installing, inspecting, testing of the electrical devices, and certifying your premises, ensuring that your electrical systems comply with current regulations. The most crucial point is precisely the quality of what you get in the end. We offer professional advice on any issues that would relate to electrical engineering, and of course, we make sure that the installation and testing of all systems take place and without any deviations.

Electrical Automation

We are happy to provide the services of experienced electricians to maximize and optimize your production through automation. Currently, there are almost no large industrial firms that do not have well-established automated production. At its core, automation allows you to reduce costs, direct your production on the right track with less time. But at the same time, each company may require individual solutions depending on the type of activity, and we are always ready to help with this!

Electrical Controls

If you are interested in diagnostics and professional advice regarding electrical equipment, we are always ready to provide you with the most expertise and excellence services. We have many years of experience behind us in the management and adjustment of all electrical devices of all sizes. Including, of course, controls and any other kind of electrical equipment so that you are always ready to maximize your production and efficiency. We provide services for the repair and adjustment of any control systems, as well as any electronics. Also, we are always ready to consult about any electrical appliances and services.

Lighting Retrofits

Lighting retrofits are a great way to save energy costs in your facility. With energy-efficient lighting fixtures, the total energy consumption of your facility can be reduced by more than 50%. And, our electrical technicians can install your new energy-efficient lighting fixtures in no time. Besides, we guarantee the serviceability of all lighting devices, and we will always be happy to carry out diagnostics. If you are interested in the possibility of saving on electricity for years to come, we are always ready to provide you with the most optimal solution for your premises. It will not be difficult for us to fully equip any of your enterprises with the most optimal and less costly lighting.

Energy Efficiency Solutions

Increase the efficiency and the continuity of your power supplies with our high-tech solutions. By working with us, you can take your electrical appliances to the next level and optimize the amount of energy you use. New technological solutions will provide you with direct savings, as well as reduce losses and the likelihood of outages. Therefore, contact us today so that we can work together to find the best solution for you with the lowest energy cost.

24 Hour Electrician Colorado

Too often, people underestimate the dangers of sudden power outages and sudden shutdowns. In such cases, we are ready to do everything to fix the problem as soon as possible and at the same time prevent such malfunctions in the future. We are always ready to carry out the full diagnostics of your electrical devices to prevent any malfunction. With our services, you do not have to worry that you may have problems with electricity – our technicians always arrive as quickly as possible throughout the day!


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