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Outdoor Lighting Installation Service

Our outdoor lighting installation company excels in elegant architectural accent lighting, outdoor and landscape lighting. More than that, we provide outdoor patio lighting, driveway lighting, deck lighting, and any other needs you have.


1888 team has decades of success working throughout Colorado on the design, installation, and service of custom outdoor lighting systems and designs. We approach every client’s home like we were setting up our own. Our certified electricians can accomplish any project that you send our way.

Residential Landscape Lighting

Residential Landscape Lighting

Our local electricians in Colorado are considered the premier team for installation and servicing landscape lighting for gardens, architecture, and more. We have a solid track record over decades providing our clients with easy install outdoor lighting landscape solutions. Are you wondering how much does it cost to install outdoor lighting fixture or how much low voltage outdoor lighting installation cost? Our customer service and unbeatable pricing has resulted in hundreds of happy clients, so get in touch.

1888 is based on providing any solution our clients need and building a strong, positive relationship with them. Our process covers everything from preliminary design to installing outdoor lighting fixtures to regular maintenance. We are proud of our work and promise you will get a beautiful lighting setup every time it gets dark. Some services include:

  • Poolside lighting for romantic evening swimming
  • Accent lighting to enhance the architectural features of your home
  • Ambient lighting for outdoor patios and decks
  • String lights overhead for entertaining and events
  • Lighting for stairs and walkways for safety
  • Landscape installations and pretty garden setups to show off your residence
Security Lighting

Security Lighting

When it comes to Security Lighting for Crime Prevention, Strategy and Expertise Mean Everything

Historically, individuals and businesses would set up random flood lights or big glaring globe lights around their property to deter criminals from trespassing. Unfortunately, studies have shown that this excess tactic does very little to dissuade criminals, and actually makes it easier for them most times. A truly effective spot security light needs to be set up so that it blinds or startles a trespasser, while also alerting anyone nearby of the activity taking place. Do you ask how to install outdoor lighting wiring or how to install outdoor lighting low voltage? We have designed and installed security lighting features for clients all over Colorado for decades.

Outdoor Soffit Lighting

Outdoor Soffit Lighting

You can utilize soffit lighting for bringing illumination to your house’s exterior. Soffits are the surfaces under the eaves of your roof. An electrician will be able to bring subtle yet effective option to your home areas by providing outdoor recessed lighting install. Installing outdoor soffit lighting can provide a couple other positives such as:

  • It is small and unobtrusive, so it can keep your home looking good hidden around your yard or house
  • This can add accent sections and spotlight effects through versatile angling of the light beam
  • It is fully insulated and waterproof, capable of shining brightly both outdoors and indoors
  • Soffit lighting fixtures can be rotated and moved to improve their usefulness

Flood Lights and Spotlights

Flood Lights
  • The primary goal of security lighting is that it quickly illuminates a dark space to deter intruders and leave your business or home safe and quiet. We will evaluate your property to determine the most likely access points for intruders and place lights strategically around these points like sliding glass doors, gates, windows, and entrances/exits.
  • Dark hiding locations are ideal for an intruder trying to avoid detection if you come to look. Often these spots are next to bushes and shrubbery near the house. Flood lights and motion-sensing spot lights placed in specific locations can render these hiding spots unhelpful to intruders.
  • A useful and typical setup is with 2-head flood lights connected to a photocell and sensitivity-configurable motion detector. The energy-saving photocell guarantees the light only activates in the dark, while the motion sensor only activates the light when motion occurs in the area.
  • A fault of motion sensors is their inability to check the difference between a real trespasser, wind blowing branches, or a walking pet. Luckily, new technology in spot lights and motion-sensing flood lights are able to have sensitivity settings so lights will only activate for an actual person.
  • Most security light setups have a manual override switch installed to be used when a light is constantly turning on for little to no reason. An intelligent criminal can actually use this fact to their gain though, which makes it important to contact us for consultation on placement, design, and equipment types for your business or residence to deter criminals.

Motion-sensing security lighting is useful for pets, homeowners, and business owners for more than just preventing trespassers. Teenagers coming home late or pets strolling outside for the bathroom can trigger the light for better visibility.

Outdoor lights Installation

What Can We Offer You?

Outdoor lighting Installation Experts

Every single project we design, and install is one of a kind. We consult each client to identify what type of effect they desire, and then decide on what fixturing best works.
LED’s are not all the same. We specifically utilize warm white LED’s that have copper and solid brass components in order to help lengthen the life of the LED. Many fixtures for LED’s incorporate drivers and replaceable LED’s so the entire fixture doesn’t have to be swapped out when one fails. The warm white LED provides natural looking color when illuminating the item.
These days you can get a cutting-edge LED remote timing system that can handle any of your requirements today and tomorrow. It can account for your physical location if you want it to turn on exactly at sunset and self-adjusts accordingly. It can adjust automatically for daylight savings as well. We will help you determine and set up whatever level of automation you need.
We only use fixtures that we have identified to meet our stringent requirements for quality, product warranty, life, performance, and corrosion resistance.
Almost all of our job is done manually, and our staff maintains the upmost respect for your property. We only install high-quality outdoor lighting fixtures, wires, transformers, and components. We are so thorough and careful with our efforts that you will not even be able to notice that any work was done, simply that new low voltage outdoor lighting magically appeared.
We are available 24/7 to take your call and answer quickly. You can reach us directly all day every day either by phone or email.
We work well with most outdoor lighting brands and systems and can set up a consultation to determine if we can help update or improve your existing system.
Light up outdoor pathways for a pleasant outdoor mood and safety.
Emphasize the better aspects of your landscaping with the perfect illumination.
Generate a pleasant outdoor atmosphere when entertaining outside.

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Are you wondering how to install outdoor lighting fixture on your own? No need to test out your diy options, we are here to help! We provide easy to install outdoor lighting solutions for both your home and business.
We’ve helped bring light to gated communities, churches, country clubs, office buildings, decks, landscapes, patios, pools, driveways, water features, and outdoor living spaces.

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