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Smart Home Installation Services

Automated home technology is increasingly relevant in our daily life. Often these products are advertised as easy “plug and play” devices, but in reality, a certified professional needs to perform the installation to correctly configure and set everything up right the first time. Are you planning to install smart devices and smart hubs in your home and need professionals? We employ experienced, knowledgeable technicians who are well-versed in all things home automation, with the right equipment to get you set up and running smoothly.


Smart Home Security

We recognize just how essential the safety of your valuables and property is for you. This is our main drive for helping you set up a complete home security solution. All homeowners and their loved ones want to feel safe and secure in their home, but often do not know where to turn to receive that protection. 1888 Electrical Services can provide you a system that works whether you are at home or away. We have the knowledge and experience when it comes to installing a variety of CCTV camera systems in your Colorado home, whether it’s a single camera or a large inter-connected system.

Our technicians inspect and test all of our smart security equipment so that we show up to your home ready to go and complete the installation right then and there.

Smart lighting installation

We provide smart lighting installation and service for residences all over Colorado to automate the complementary lighting in your house. With a simple singular button or “all off” command, you can have multiple circuits in a room under your control. Lighting is an important feature of your house. Through lighting we can create different moods and highlight different areas as we like. It will help you wake up or kick back and relax. While your home may not have been designed to optimize natural daylight, you can control your entire home with smart lighting and highlight your property’s best traits.

Smart Lighting

Installing smart lighting

We consult with every client and analyze their home every time we install intelligent lighting. We can make your house more energy-efficient by having lights connected to motion-sensors triggering only when you enter and exit an area, or even pre-program lighting pathways to light up the heavy traffic sections of your home.

Smart Sprinkler controller

Smart Sprinkler controller

​Save Water & Money with a Modern Sprinkler Controller

Smart Thermostats are being installed by homeowners all over the country to control their home heating and cooling more conveniently. Many do not realize that this same level of control can be set up for sprinkler controllers. A smart sprinkler controller allows you to easily refine your sprinkler system’s performance, instead of just relying on a timer. This can be done easily with a smart home application and automation. Ultimately this will save you money and water usage on your utility payments.

Read our electrician reviews and reach out to us for your smart sprinkler control solutions at 888-716-0490. We are qualified and experienced in the maintenance, installation, and repair of smart sprinkler controller systems efficiently and affordably.

Smart Sprinkler System

Benefits of a Smart Sprinkler System

It is difficult for you to be home often enough to ensure that your sprinkler system is only running when necessary. The specific time and length your sprinkler system need to run can change every day. Luckily, a smart sprinkler controller can do it for you!

Some of the positives of having a smart sprinkler controller are:

  • Automated scheduling
  • Voice Control
  • App Control for real time changes
  • Auto-adjustment to match weather
  • Utilities savings

Homeowners end up losing money and water when their sprinkler system is running at the same time, for the same amount, every day regardless of weather. A smart sprinkler controller can auto-adjust for weather changes. If rain is expected that day, it will shut down your system so nature can do it for you! You can avoid looking like the fool on your block running sprinklers in the rain.

smart thermostat installation

Smart Thermostat

​You need to be able to depend on your home’s heating system, whether you crank that thermostat all the way up or don’t mind it a little frigid. A smart thermostat might be your answer to providing dependability with maximized convenience.

​​We are qualified professional smart thermostat installers. Our specialty lies in the maintenance, repair, and installation of wireless thermostats, heating controls, traditional thermostats, and smart thermostats.

​Our technicians keep up to date with the latest technology and perform installations and thermostat repairs all over Colorado. We can work with any brand and model of smart thermostat on the market. Reach out to our team today for a consultation and a quote for your smart thermostat installation and repair needs.

Smart home alarm installation

Smart home alarm installation

When you work with us, your home will receive a quality alarm system that will make you aware of any intruders or unwanted visitors on your property. It greatly lessens any fear or apprehension you might have about someone stealing your valuables or damaging your property.

We provide both wired and wireless alarm setups. A setback of alarm systems is that you must rely on other people to check on your home and speak to the authorities if it activates while you are away.

Home alarm monitoring

Home alarm monitoring with response

Home alarm monitoring with response package is a perfect solution for when you are not at home. A dedicated center is monitoring your home and contacts you whenever an alarm is tripped. That way, you know to call the authorities or your neighbor to check when you are gone. This center team can also perform the calling in your place.

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