Smoke Detector Installation & Replacement

Your smoke detectors are a small but crucial device within your Colorado home. These little battery-powered devices can be life-saving for you and your loved ones by warning of dangerous smoke in your home. They can easily be forgotten, sitting silently on your ceiling until it saves your life. Make sure your loved ones and property are protected today by working with us for your smoke detector installment and replacement services.


The Importance of Smoke Detectors

A smoke detector is a critical safety device to have in any part of the property that animals or people reside in. Its entire purpose is to alert you and your loved ones of dangerous smoke in your home putting you at risk. You could end up waking up to flames and layers of unbreathable smoke without having these in place around your house. Having that loud alarm sound off as soon as danger is present is definitely a better way to wake up than doing so when the damage is already done.

Installing Smoke Detectors

How Smoke Detectors Are Installed?

Reaching out to us for smoke detector replacement and installation service means you are getting the best group of electricians in the entire state of Colorado. The sense of safety you are going to have after we complete your smoke detector installation is only improved by how quickly and affordably we get the job done.
We first determine which parts of your house you should ideally have smoke alarms installed. This involves finding where your wall studs are and then making a spot for each unit in the open space between the studs approximately one foot below the ceiling. After a quick sketch of the remodel box to verify we are all lined up, we do the real drilling to get the remodel box installed perfectly.

From there we start running cables to the alarm and put our wiring runs in place. This is followed up by securing the cable and setting the box. After that, we strip and wire your new alarm system. With the mounting plate attached, the alarm gets placed onto the base. To wrap it all up, we connect it up to the electrical panel and perform a test on the alarms to verify it was all installed correctly.

Make a smart investment in a whole-home generator today, and never worry about your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors staying on even during power outages!

Smoke Detector Replacement

When to Replace Your Smoke Detector?

It is literally a matter of life and death for a homeowner to know when their smoke alarm system is functioning correctly. A broken or malfunctioning alarm in the event of an actual fire emergency could be lethal. This makes it that much more important for a homeowner to do monthly testing.

smoke alarm services

The moment you identify any of these problems, you should consider replacing the smoke alarm:

  • Per FEMA guidelines, smoke detectors should be fully replaced after 10 years of service. Similar to your other appliances and devices, smoke detectors eventually get old and stop working. The device’s manufactured year should be located on the back of the unit.
  • Your smoke detectors may be clogged by dust and unable to sense smoke in your house.
  • If your alarm system is still chirping or not making sound when tested even after battery replacement, you should completely replace the alarm immediately.
  • Licenced Electricians

    Why Work With Licenced Electricians?

    You simply cannot afford not having a correctly installed smoke alarm in your house!
    Everyone recognizes the necessity of smoke detectors. Almost every local code requires a house to have smoke detectors installed in every room. The reason for having a smoke alarm system is obvious. In the event of a fire in your Colorado home, you need to be made aware immediately to get you and your loved ones evacuated to safety. Having a malfunctioning smoke detector when you are sleeping could be fatal.

    Sleep easier knowing your alarm system is installed by our experienced and trustworthy team at 1888 Electrical Services. We recognize the importance of a properly working alarm system and will make sure you are prepared.

    You need to have a dependable local electrical company in your contacts list who can answer any questions you might have any time of day. From when you first call 1888 Electrical Services, to when we’ve completed the work, we strive to provide an enthusiastic, high quality experience the entire time. We also provide our popular regularly scheduled maintenance plans so you can kick back and let knowledgeable professionals pay attention to your electrical systems. Our customers love us for our:

    • Immediate responsiveness
    • Cutting edge technology
    • Speedy job completion
    • Certified electricians
    • Upfront pricing

    When correctly installed, smoke detectors keep you and your loved ones alive and well. Have them installed today by calling 1888 Electrical Services right here in Colorado at (970) 702-7660 or reach us online!

    Expert Care & Testing with a Colorado Electrician

    1888 Electrical Services understand just how crucial it is to have life-saving devices in your home. Once you’ve got your smoke alarms installed, it is just as critical to test them at least once a month to ensure their continued functioning. Either light a strong candle near the alarm to check if it is activated, or you can simply press the TEST button down as well. A well-maintained smoke detector should have a functional life of up to 10 years.

    1888 Electrical Services is at your service for any smoke detector replacements or installations. Regardless of the size of your home or building, we have decades of experience successfully installing alarm systems all over Colorado.

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