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Whole House Surge Protector Installation

It is essential to keep a backup generator for your family’s safety and home’s protection during major events like a tornado, winter storms, heavy snow, or violent winds. Also, there are several other opportunities that can be done with your appliances and house to remain connected. Whole house surge protection is a great way to try and protect your home during severe weather situations.


What is whole house surge protection?

Electric power surge protection device is equipment installed that limits excessive electric current by either shorting it to ground or blocking its flow, which can protect the devices and appliances in your house. Use of MOV’s (metal oxide varistors) are typically used for this surge protection. Your home devices will be protected from damaging electric currents through the whole house surge protection device in the event of a power surge. We offer a whole home surge protector install and replacement so that it is interconnected with the house’s electrical service box.

A power surge can be sent into your home like your pool’s pump, A/C unit, solar panels, cables, network lines, generators, and communication lines, which makes it so important to protect both the exterior and interior of this equipment. So not only are you going to want a surge protector on your primary electrical service panel, but also additional protection installed on appliances too (don’t worry we help with that as well).

whole home surge protector


Power surges come from more events than just tornado, or violent winds, but also from random power grid disruptions. These surges are a result of short circuits, power transitions, lightning strikes, power outages, tripped circuit breakers, electromagnetic pulses, mistakes from your local power company, and many more unplanned scenarios. Every single electrically powered system is prone to damage from power spikes.

Now, more than ever, our increasing usage of electricity powered technology makes us that much more dependent on the reliability and consistent performance of our home’s electric system. Oftentimes such power surges are trivial, but that does not diminish the risk of your appliances being damaged or permanently broken due to a surge.

A surge can result in frying the circuit board of any device or appliance in your house, such as: LED light bulbs, stoves, washers, dryers, smart devices, TV’s, computers, and many others. Large surges can cause massive immediate damage to your appliances, but the small surges can contribute to the degradation of those appliances and devices and ultimately shorten their functional life. Are your wondering what are different types of surge protectors and what size whole house surge protector do I need? If you are questioning cost to install whole home surge protector following surge protection device installation guide, you can rely on us to get the most affordable price. We can answer all of your questions and guide you through the process. You can protect the things you’ve invested in by having professionals install home surge protection.

Surge Protector Installation

Do I need an electrician to install my surge protection?

Along with everything else integrated, it is highly recommended that you employ local electricians for the whole home surge protector installation of these safety devices, especially ones connected to your primary electrical panel and large electronic appliances. If you are asking yourself how to install surge protector in electrical panel, you should know that DIY attempt at installing these devices on your electrical panel could lead to improper functioning and create more dangers to your home.

To guarantee the best protection and the safety of your loved ones and property, work with a certified professional to install your whole house surge protection. We also provide options for the best whole house surge protectors fit for your property.

Surge Protector repair

Benefits of Whole House Surge Protectors

There are quite a few positive reasons that come with whole house surge protection system installation. We make sure our customers are well-informed when making such important decisions about their house. Some of those positive benefits are:

Things like HVAC, microwaves, lights, and refrigerators don’t seem as expensive as our computers, TV’s, or cellphones, but they are essential to our daily lives and run on electricity as well. The affordable whole house surge protectors cost ensures that you have total protection for everything connected, big or small.
These days we heavily rely on electronics to get through the day. Communication, security, lighting, and food storage can all be protected from power surges regardless of size.
By paying whole house surge protector installation cost, you can reduce your overall risk for electrical fires and other damage, leading to lower homeowner’s insurance premiums.
Whole house power surge protectors can dissipate massive voltage spikes caused by lightning strikes as opposed to small point-of-use surge protector devices.

You can take action to have your home protected from potential hazards.

Installing whole home surge protectors

When you are considering how to install whole house surge protector vs individual surge protectors for your residence, look no further. Our professional will advice you on what is the best whole home surge protector for older houses and how much does a whole house surge protector cost. Our team has licensed, insured, bonded experienced electricians that perform whole house electrical surge protector wiring, repair, and installation for both commercial and residential projects throughout Colorado.

It is a major decision in protecting your loved ones, appliance, and the investment that is your property by installing a whole house surge protection system. Reach out to us at 888-716-0490 or fill out our online form today to set up a consultation.

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