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Circuit & Electrical Wiring Services

Rewiring your entire house might seem overwhelming, but it is definitely worth it. Just the increased level of safety itself makes it a worthwhile investment. Rewiring your home an important investment financially when you are remodeling your home, buying an old house, or selling your home. Many industry professionals consider professional wiring services and troubleshooting with a certified professional to add real monetary value to your house. New wiring is critical to guaranteeing your home is eligible for selling and meets local and state regulations. Call us for advanced electrical services and solutions nearby.


When homeowners are considering a standard home electrical wiring repair service, they reach out to us. We always strive to make your home’s rewiring long-lasting, safe, and meeting the highest level of industry standards and quality. The quality of our current safe home electrical services is guaranteed to be compliant with all local, state, and federal regulations. We will ensure that your home’s value will not be tarnished and remain sellable for years. Regardless of whether you are trying to sell your home, updating your property to make it compliant, or purchasing an older home, our team has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to get your job done right.

Call us at 888-716-0490 right away so we can get a complimentary quote for your home rewiring!

Replacing Electrical Outlets in Your Home

A typical house is set up with 2x 3-pronged, polarized receptacles. These two receptacles are the same, with 120-volt grounding, neutral, and hot wires. Knowing what specific electrical power your circuits require is critical to safely replacing electrical outlets. The first thing you should do is turn off the power to that specific outlet through the main fuse or electrical panel.

basics of home electrical wiring types

Not sure if you need basic electrical wiring installation in house for lighting circuit? Or maybe you are wondering how to replace aluminum wiring with copper on your own? If you aren’t experienced in basic electrical building wiring installation and maintenance yourself, getting a professional electrical rewiring services is your top option.

Electrical Wiring Repair

Electrical Wire Repair

Repairing a household electrical outlet can end up being quite complicated. There are many old types of electrical wiring in houses to understand and consider. Safety is critical when performing this work due to the dangers. 120 volts or 240 volts is standard in U.S. residences. That level of electrical power can be lethal, and why the NEC covers some smart choices you can make when considering wiring and circuitry repairs. More often than not, utilizing an incompetent person leads to a poorly wired house, ultimately ending in future problems and hazards.

Colorado Electricians

Colorado Electricians

Our staff is fully licensed, experienced, and trained on any electrical work you may require. Our electrics is qualified to work with all house or commercial electrical wiring types in Colorado. They know residential electrical wiring types in and outs. Are you looking for a cost to update home ceiling fan connection or questioning what is the problem with aluminum wiring in a house? Contact us at 888-716-0490 if you’d like to find out more of our certifications and to set up an appointment with one of our qualified technicians.

Electrical Rewiring

Electrical Rewiring in Your House

If you feel out of your depth, your best choice is to work with professionals to determine if you need to rewire your house.

  • Damage in your circuitry can create fire hazards. Accidental electrocution takes the lives of healthy individuals every year. Electrocution can happen through outlets, circuit breakers, wiring, and panel boards.
  • Hiring a qualified electrician is the first and most important step in ensuring your safety when electrically rewiring your home. They have the equipment and knowledge necessary to complete services as soon as possible.

Our Colorado commercial electrical services company has decades of experience successfully wiring households across the states. Having to rewire your home electrical system can interrupt your daily life and work. We understand this and offer a satisfaction guarantee.

If you’ve decided to take on the major investment of rewiring your house, making the right choice on who to hire is crucial. The best electrician is going to be one who is trained with a wide variety of electrical technologies. He should be able to answer questions about problems with aluminum wiring in houses, what are the different types of electrical wire connectors, house electrical wire color, understanding the electrical wire gauge, and what type of electrical wire is used in homes. He also will be knowledgeable in electrical control wiring installation troubleshooting, different types of electrical wire and cable, older types of electrical wire in old homes, underground electrical wire types and sizes, and more. Choosing us will result in lasting quality wiring throughout your house, adding real value with cable electrical services. Choosing the wrong person who doesn’t know old electrical wiring types can end with faulty wiring and create hazards in your home.

Hot Tub Wiring Service

Hot Tub Wiring Service

​How does your own backyard private resort sound?

A sound system can lead to countless enjoyable moments, but only when you’ve made sure the electrical servicing was done right. Water and electricity combined can be extremely dangerous, so having the right team is crucial.

Electrical Wiring Installation Amperage

Amperage for Pool, Spa or Hot Tub

​The correct amperage varies depending on its size as well as the physical location setup and what equipment you are using with it such as water pumps, lighting, heating, etc…

​​Occasionally it needs a level of amperage that exceeds your current electrical home service power. Do not worry if that’s the situation, we include a complete electrical service upgrade so you can get the necessary power.

​Running conduit before you pour any concrete is the smart choice, so please reach out to us as early as you can before completing your project. Wandering how much should a hot tub wiring installation cost? Get in touch with us for a usual free in-home quote before starting.

Entertainment Center Wiring

Entertainment Center Wiring

For many people, the task of setting up their home entertainment centers can be painful and daunting. Why not sit back and let professionals do the job for you? Call us today to start the conversation about your home entertainment center needs.

Trust in our certified local Colorado electricians to get the job done quickly, correctly, and safely. When you work with professionals, you can be happy knowing you are getting the absolute best out of your devices. We have shown that we are skilled in providing residential electrical wiring services in Colorado. Whether you are looking for electrical wire connection methods, all different type of electrical wire for homes, or basics of home electrical wiring repairs, we can help! Contact us today to see how our master electrical services can help you!

Why Whole House Rewiring Is a Great Investment?

Some positive aspects include: increased energy efficiency, better fire prevention and safety, opportunity to expand your house, consistent power access (fewer outages), opportunity to convert lofts or garages into living areas, and a higher home value. Get in touch with us for speed control ceiling fan wiring installation, a first alert smoke detector wiring, or thermostat wiring installation among other advance electrical services solutions in Colorado.

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